Mr Ellabban research on a modified retinal surgery technique “Surgical induction of Posterior vitreous detachment using combined sharp dissection and active aspiration

This video shows a modified surgical technique by Mr Ellabban for the correction of aphakia using a retro-pupillary Artisan lens (iris-supported lens implant).

Mr Ellabban research publication on a condition called Focal Choroidal Excavation that can be seen in a wide range of macular disorders as central serous chorioretinopathy or macular degeneration.

Mr Ellabban research publication on the rare incidence of central retinal artery occlusion in retinal surgery.

Mr Ellabban modified surgical technique for complex retinal surgery “Fully Automated Direct Perfluorocarbon Liquid-Silicone Oil Exchange“.

Mr Ellabban publication on a condition called Dome Shaped Maculopathy. This is one of the changes that affect people with high myopia and can lead to eyesight complications.