Dear Mr Ellabban,
Many thanks to you and your team for all you did for me yesterday! Your skilful operation on my eye is very much appreciated, I can now see spiderwebs in my house which I did not know existed!
Thank You again for all your care!
Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr Ellabban,
I would like to thank you for making what I feared with apprehension, would be an uncomfortable ordeal, into a relaxed and comfortable experience, by the kind and efficient way that I was treated for the epiretinal membrane surgery.


I had a recent cataract surgery to my right eye by Mr. Ellabban and I would like to thank him for his skills, expertise and professionalism, and I was really looked after through the procedure.


Thanks Mr Ellabban and his wonderful team for his excellent and professional care during my cataract surgery.


Dear Dr Ellabban,
Many thanks for caring out my cataract operation today. Your skills, care & dedications are much appreciated. Please , also convey my thanks to the wonderful staff who support the patients as well,


Dear Mr Ellabban and all staff at Hull Eye Hospital, your professional and thorough approach was greatly appreciated
With Hones regards,


Thank You for saving my eyesight, being so caring and putting me at ease. You are such a lovely person


Thank you from the bottom of my heat for your care and giving me my sight back. Have a magical new year, you and your family.

PGMarket Weighton